who your least fav robot in walter miner and whos your fav

Yes, the poor Walter Miner filled with those awful nanobots. Sure it got rid of his cough and his blood stream is clean as a whistle. But I don’t envy the tiny robots that gotta work in his colon. My favorite of the nanobots though have to be the ones keeping Nick Cage from aging.

How can you type so well with your hooves ?!

I can interface with almost any electronic boooooooooy!

Miss Gwendolindia Gertrudofferson! We all know you're the best of the Walter bots- wait, sorry, of ANY bots- but when are you gonna get your own bracelets and shirts like you deserve? Full ball gowns plastered in your image? Gwendolindia Gertrudofferson-shaped cities? I think it's time you told all those meanies what's what with Steam Powered Giraffe, don't you?<3

right! RIGHT!?

hey gwendolindia gertrudofferson, do u have a celebrity crush?

Jonah Hill is so dreamy!


They recently got a makeover!

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why is my picture at the bottom??? the spine will crush us all!!

hanging new painting in my room. what do you think?

hanging new painting in my room. what do you think?

would you like us to refer to you as Gwendolindia Gertrudofferson rather than GG? :o Sounds more fancy pantsy to call you by your full name, if you ask me!

if u could each time u address me yeh that’d be great!!

What's the tastiest cat breed?

tabby a la mode

Hey GG. You're cute. :)

finally sumone says what were all thinkin!

I just wanted to say thank you to my favorite giraffe for being who you are and for the cat gifs. Cats are so cute but I am allergic.

…u mean me right? u know, theres Geoffrey the Giraffe too. no not gaming thrones guy. lotta giraffes got g names for sum reason. Im gg. dont normally get compliments. but i know it can be confusin!